All of our embroidery is done in-house at The Monogrammed Home. Our employees are happy to assist our clients in selecting a monogram style and thread color that will compliment the products we carry or the items that are brought into our shop. Our employees will carefully notate the monogram style, color, and placement of the monogram on each item so that our in-house monogrammer can create a beautifully personalized finished product. We can embroider most material, however, we can not do leather or silk. 


Embossing and hot stamping are done through the company that we source those products through. We are only able to emboss items that these companies carry and cannot take in outside product. 


All engraving is done through our engraver out-of-house. We are only able to engrave items carried in our store and cannot take in outside product. 


Vinyl appliqués are done in-house. These can be applied to buckets, jewelry boxes, etc. We do not take in outside product for vinyl appliqués, however, we will print out instructions for you on how to apply one yourself.


Once the product is complete, The Monogrammed Home employees will carefully check each item to ensure that it was completed accurately. Your item will then be gift-wrapped if requested. We will contact the client via phone or email to schedule a pick-up or shipment method.